Friday, 24 December 2010

Pat Regan predicts cumbria earthquake

Earlier this week you may have heard there was an earthquake over in cumbria with a reading of 3.6 on the richter scale..

Pat Regan, a cumbria resident himself is an author of UFO books and books on pagan beliefs..
Here we find him waxing lyrical about the relationship between UFO's and earthquakes. It was taken 3 month's ago and he mentions a hell of a lot of UFO sightings in cumbria itself which (in his eye's) must mean there's gonna be an earthquake..


  1. Tesla spent last ten years and died in Room #3327 because Earthquake Machine No. 2 was the Knob Hill Apparatus in Colorado Springs which caused the 27 day long 1899 Alaskan Earthquakes commencing on September 3, 1899 at 3h03m27s or 3:03:27 pm epicenter time. That was a year divisible by 3 times 3, a month divisible by 3 times 3, a day divisible by 3, in an hour divisible by 3, a minute divisible by 3, a second divisible by 3 times 3 times 3 and for Christ's sake it was Earthquake Milne Shide No. 333

  2. UFO: Earthquake predictions come true as Cumbria suffers Yuletide tremor