Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Secrets of the memory wipe revealed

Friend of FO Mark Hershey posted the following link on our Facebook page, so I've moved it over here for us all to gawp at. Mark wrote: "the memory wipe scene is loaded with a lot of creepy imagery, in slow motion it is one of the most bizarre frame by frame sequences I've ever seen". He's absolutely right.

If you scratch the surface YouTube is a nexus of conspiracy theory, paranoid insight and looking glass logic, not to mention frequent, fervent insanity. The interests of the person who originally posted this clip include Bilderberg, water fluoridation, Aspartame, vaccinations, chemtrails, Georgia Guide Stones, Babylon Working, Iran-Contra affair, CIA Drugs, Clinton Body count, Temples Of
Malta, Bohemian grove, Adam's Calendar, StoneHenge, Hanseatic League, Teutonic Zionism, FreeMasons, Knights Templar, Merovingians, 2012, Natural Global warming, Pole Shifts, Dragon triangle, which is, of course, the opposite Bermuda Triangle.

Thanks, Mark. Great clip.


  1. Wonder if he jots down all those interests in his CV when applying for jobs.

  2. People like this don't apply for jobs, they're recruited.

  3. I hate the conspiracy crap in this video, if I wasn't so lazy I would of edited it out and reposted it on my Youtube account. I grew up a huge fan of this movie.