Thursday, 9 December 2010

Space Age Faraday

One of my favourite library albums is "Space Age" on the Conroy label (BMLP 163). Composers are listed as Tony Tape, Sammy Burdson and Otto Sieben, although these might all be the same person - Gerhard Narholz, founder of the Sonoton library, among others things. The copyright date is given as 1977, but the music sounds much earlier. The sound is rather lazily described as 'synthesizers', but to my ears this sounds more like heavily treated organs and other 'real' instruments swimming in a fug of ring modulation, tape delay and reverb. I like the sound of this record so much, I'm trying to build a career around it.

Intriguingly, a previous owner of this record has scrawled some notes on the sleeve - "Faraday Drilling", "Faraday Electronics" - perhaps indicating the music's intended use in a documentary about Michael Faraday? I'd love to find out what it truly relates to, and if any evidence of such a documentary exists.

Have a little listen...

S. Burdson - Roboter At Work (aka "Faraday Drilling")


  1. That's great. I really liked your EP, by the way.

  2. thanks U-M. i have some more releases planned for next year.
    i really liked your 'Tomtit' youtube soundtrack. more of that, please!

  3. I'll second U-W on that - great stuff on that 12"...are your CD-R releases available anywhere?

    picked this LP up cheapish about 6 years ago when I started buying library vinyl & was a little disappointed by how un-synthetic & futuristic it initially sounded. I'll have to dig it out again - sounds like it might be a grower!

  4. yes its neither synthetic or futuristic in the way most people would expect. but that's all part of its special appeal for me.
    you're a bit late on the cd-rs i'm afraid, they've all gone. there may be a 're-issue programme' next year though ;-)

  5. As an aficionado of all things seventies and space related I have been wanting to hear this album for so long and even seeing a single track posted filled me with some excitment...anyway, the link is dead and as its only three months old I thought maybe a repost was in order...or maybe it is just easier to post the entire album lol.

    Speaking of Gerhard Narholz albums, here is another one he did for Conroy under the artist name 'The Larry Robbins Band' and the album 'Action And Activity' from 1976...not my rip but very good 320 quality all the same...has a strange glam/bubblegum aesthetic and if I were a mediawhore I would probably be calling it 'outsider pop' lol

  6. Still keeping my fingers crossed you will repost the 1977 Conroy 'Space Age' album track by Sammy Burdson....well in an ideal world I would like to hear the entire album but one track is better than no tracks to state the bastard obvious....

  7. As my post above (as the saucer people) suggests, over three years ago, I am still hopeful that I will eventually hear the entire Gerhard Narholz 'Space Age' album on Conroy!

    Otherwise, I shall wait till 2017 for my next request as I don't want to appear pushy or anything ;)

  8. hi!
    please reUpload link!
    wanna listen before order