Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ten Years After

Priceless BBC archive material from 1973, as 'Blue Peter' celebrate the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who with the help of suave incumbent Jon Pertwee, and some clips that, incredibly, the BBC would wipe shortly after this show. The Hartnell / Troughton transformation, for example, only exists as part of this recording.

Seeing this as a child was incredibly exciting for me as it was the first evidence that my Dad wasn't just making things up about the history of the programme, and the brief glimpses of it's long and mysterious past haunted my imagination for years to come.


  1. my imagination was also fed by a steady diet of Target novelisations from the local library.

  2. Jon Pertwee always my favorite. Sea Devils Daemons and Target Books. Kept me going throughout the summer holiday

  3. As a Dr. Who neophyte I must ask, what episode is that where the three doctors meet?

  4. At the risk of sound facetious, it's called the Three Doctors. It became something of a tradition as the original programme went into decline to have a least one story a series where various permutations of doctors met up. It never worked as well as the first attempt because a. it was a much better show then and b. in later attempts the Doctors were significantly and conspiculously older looking, which made the continuity less believable.