Monday, 10 January 2011

the apotheosis of objects

It's that golden moment, or kala ridden moment, if you read Grant, when everything ends with SEX (and magick)

I love "Electric Wizard" for so many reasons, one of them cut off their riff finger during their day job...

Interview quotes:

Do you guys really smoke as much dope as your image would suggest?

We can’t live without it. I’ve gotta smoke weed all day or I’ll go fucking mad.

It seems to provide inspiration.

Yeah, it works for us.

How did you cut off the end of your finger?

I was cutting some hardboard, working on some flooring, and I slipped and the knife just slit the end off.

Wow, just like Tony Iommi.

Yeah. We had to tour with Goatsnake the next week, so I figured, what the hell, if Tony Iommi can do it, I can do it. So I stuck it back on.

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  1. Iommi is proof that the sacrifice of human flesh to the dark side brings the reward of ultimate heavy riffage.