Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cueva De Los Verdes, Lanzarote

Cueva de los Verdes, or "The Green Cave", is a lava tunnel on the north-east coast of Lanzarote that formed during the eruption of a volcano 3,000 years ago. Locals have used it as a hiding place since the time of the aboriginal canaries islanders. Since 1964 it's been a tourist attraction, with a 2km path and atmospheric accompanying light and sound installation created by artists César Manrique (who also built a lot of landscape-inspired 60s architecture on the island) and Jesus Soto that shows off the cave's optical and aural illusions. The green effect on the photos is part of that - in one of the stories of the cave's name, the Greens are meant to have been one of the families that hid from pirates or slave traders in there. Photographed, inevitably, on Hipstamatic, just to bring that retro-futuristic eco-tourism dream full circle.


  1. Been there, it was truly an awesome experience. César Manrique should be as well known as his friend Picasso. Manrique's volcanic Bond villain home is like outta this world daddio.