Monday, 3 January 2011

Going Underground Part Two

I had to return, such was the beauty of this little piece of darkness hidden beneath a Norwich hillside.

My high-powered LED torch opened a new world for, off white and dusty, yes, but it was definitely a place of enchantment, history and atmosphere. My camera willingly helped me to find the soul of the place, the artefacts of a world war telling their story, even though spoken with no words.

Above ground, a modern world carried on, oblivious to what lay beneath them, and to whom was walking the little caves under their feet.


  1. These are great! Did you have to use your torch as well as your flash?

  2. I didn't use a flash at all on these. Each pitcure is a composite photo taken using a high-powered LED torch to "paint" the light and then the images (three for each picture taken at different exposure times) were "blended" together using a process called HDR. Hope that's not too technical and glad you like them :-)