Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hoop Fun

Hey kids, it's the new thing - isolating a hoop whilst dressed like a chess board. Be there or be square!


  1. What has this to do with hauntology?

  2. Come on, it's hoop isolation in a zentai suit, if it was from 1974 you'd wet yourself.

  3. It would be a bit more hauntological if she was playing Isolation by Joy Division in the background. Though it seems she went for "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater instead.

  4. @Unmann-Wittering: I really wouldn't (ask Glimmung, if you don't believe me). I just think this blog is better when it circles the theme more faithfully. Though I did like how you and Dr Champagne rallied round!

  5. I just looked up this whole zentai thing. Apparently it's some kind of fetish, originating in Japan. I think she's getting off with the hula hoop.

  6. spectre, your definition of Hauntology seems to differ from mine. In my opinion, Hauntology is anything that 'haunts' one, whatever period it was made/discovered in, even if it was just a few months ago.

    I should have explained this Zentai post in more detail though. I've always been haunted by the tessellated black-and-white motif; it provokes a strange, uncanny sense of something I can't quite describe. Obviously it is a prime symbol in Freemasonry, and I'm very curious about its appearance in pop culture, as in the Western yin-yang symbol, the Two-Tone ska record label, and in the incredible Mike Batt video supplied above by Mr Unmann-Wittering (thanks for the support there UW, and Dr Champagne).

    This chessboard design is being purposely used by the Secret Controllers in many pop music videos, to 'program' the younger generation, as can be seen here:

    In the music videos it represents the "Great Game" of human chess, where most people, even kings and queens, are regarded as mere pawns, manipulated by the Chosen One elite.

    So I suppose I should have said the above as a caption, and "has anyone else noticed this theme?"

  7. @Spectre, not sure what you're referring to?
    @OKOK, thanks for elucidating!

  8. @Glimmung: Well, I like this blog but as you know I'm no cheerleader for the hauntology 'movement'. I'm more into Batman crazy golf.

    @OKOK: Conspiracy theories are boring.