Sunday, 30 January 2011

Make mine a Prelati

I took this picture at the Auberge Du Dongon restaurant. It is in Tiffauges and overlooks the castle made infamous by Gilles De Rais. I was on a Huysmans' venture following in his footpaths as he researched La-Bas. Baldick's biography, my companion. Following from Ken's post, totally recommend this biography.

The aperitif next to the book was called a Prelati, seriously! Prelati was the itinerant charlatan who persuaded Gilles De Rais to perform all manner of diabolical acts of necromantic alchemy in a vain attempt to recoup his fortune. 

The castle is now a theme park, essentially. The day I visited, there was a coach load of French primary school kids, very bizarre.

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