Wednesday, 19 January 2011

To Boldly Go

The Star Trek Convention, Star Trek Associates, a Division of Tellurian Enterprises, Inc., Brooklyn, New York, 1976.


  1. Was this a case of, prior to the event, everybody in this photo thinking: "Well, I'm not going as Kirk... So and so is sure to turn up as Kirk." ?

    Also, the man in the orange turban appears to have an arrow lodged in his head. You would've thought somebody might've mentioned it.

  2. This is fantastic. I was thinking of moving to Brooklyn this year, but now the deal is sealed.

  3. Andrew, tell the truth - this is a photo of your wedding isn't it?

  4. The two characters in the middle were a godsend for the haberdashery shop owner who over-ordered on the synthetic blue/purple fur material.

  5. Dave, if that was my wedding I'd be the guy on all fours at the bottom. :D
    I love the homespun authenticity, the love and dedication that these folk have put into their outfits. It's the pure innocent nerd gene, before it was corrupted by George Lucas & co.

  6. Yes, yes. You're SO right. It's lovely. Innocent.

    There seems to be more women than men too - which is quite sweet.

    I've just made it my screen saver.