Thursday, 20 January 2011

Welcome Home

Peters and Lee.

Sure he's all smiles in the photograph but this guy used to spook me when I was a kid. It was a totally irrational fear. I guess that's part of being a child.

"Lucky" Lennie Peters (1931-92) lost the sight in one eye in a car crash at the age of 5 (perhaps he was too young to drive), and lost the other as a teenager when a brick was thrown in his face. He was also an uncle of Charlie Watts.


  1. Mr Peters used to freak me out also as a child. Even when an adult, if I stumbled across a P&L LP in a charity shop a cold chill would run up my spine. I'm sure he was a nice guy and all that, I just suspect he was a higher level being, perhaps with alien ancestry.

  2. Could this be a universal thing? For I too was scared of the man. He reminded me of an illustration I'd seen of a yeti or neanderthal: thin, straight black hair over an upturned-coconut-half head. Like a Dr Who monster, scarier for being slightly unconvincing.

  3. He had gangland connections and the look of a man who could do damage if you pissed him off and he caught you. Lovely voice, though.

  4. He was a bit terrifying.

    I remember an urban myth which did the rounds when I was at school which was that Lennie Peters lost his sight because he once sneezed without closing his eyes and as a result his eyes popped out.

    Robert Baldock