Monday, 17 January 2011

witchcraft & sorcery studies

Frame-worthy modernist graphic design, perfect subject matter (the sociology of witches and sorcerers in history and culture) and timing combined in this book from 1970. Perhaps aptly, while the book's cover might suggest plenty of material about the occult taking over western popular culture in the late 60s, the academic essays within concentrate on ethnographic and historical studies, and only go as far as the McCarthy witch-hunts of the 1950s. I've added a bit more about the book and its inspiration - witchcraft and sorcery social anthropology mentor, Professor EE Evans-Pritchard - over at my place.


  1. Do you know if Do-It-All sell any wallpaper in that design ?

  2. Or bathroom tiles. Go brilliantly with my avocado coloured suite.

    Great post, Katrina. I'm up to about a thousand e-bay saved searches now. If they all come in one day, I'll be bankrupt.

  3. Nice find indeed!
    Buying it won't ruin you, btw:

  4. It is yet again another top Penguin cover. It also really does remind me of my parent's front room.