Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Alternative 3

A while back on Found Objects on Facebook, this was suggested by follower and avid fan Matt Freake (thanks Matt!). No one has yet posted on the blog, so i thought i'd share it to the wider world.

From the Wiki

Alternative 3 was a television programme, broadcast once only in the United Kingdom in 1977. According to the programme it was Purported to be an investigation into the UK's contemporary "brain drain", Alternative 3 uncovered a plan to make the moon and Mars habitable in the event of climate change and a terminal environmental catastrophe on Earth.

While the programme a hoax (it was due to be broadcast on april 1st, but didn't till June due to industrial action), It's very well thought out and produced. In the tradition of Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds", many people were taken in...

Within minutes of the programme ending, Anglia Television was flooded with telephone calls demanding more information. Callers were told the programme was a hoax. The Times on 21 June reported that "Independent television companies last night received hundreds of protest calls after an Anglia program, Alternative 3, gave alarming facts about changes in the earth’s atmosphere. It was a hoax, originally intended for April 1st." It also pointed out that several of the character in the programme were played by well known actors.


  1. Thanks Bob!

    One minor thing, although it was intended for broadcast on April 1st, industrial action meant it wasn't actually shown till the summer, which accounts for at least some of the reaction to it I guess.

  2. Yeah... someone pointed that out on Facebook too! Alas i was doing 3 things at once and forgot to point out this fact. I shall change the post...

  3. The really interesting thing about this for me is that the opening music was clearly produced using a VCS3 synth. It's a slowed-down version of the patch that Eno used to form the bedrock of Swastika Girls, side two of Fripp & Eno's No Pussyfooting album.