Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Fraser Range

Fraser Gunnery Range also known as HMS St George is a former shore establishment for the Royal Navy, which closed during the 1980s. The site is currently derelict.  In 1972 Fraser was used as HMS Seasprite in Dr Who and the Sea Devils.

I have never been inside Fraser, but these chaps have


  1. Ah, I love it. Haven't been near the place for ages; good to see that the towers are still there (or were in July). I'd heard that they'd been taken down.

  2. Towers def stilll there. I Did make a really sad and feeble effort to try to get in, but had no luck. So pretended to be a Sea Devil instead.

  3. "..pretended to be a Sea Devil instead. "

    Ha ha, that's made my day sir !

  4. It was a very cold day. I had a coat on. Sea Devils wore oversized string vest things, so I guess I was also feeble Sea Devil.
    While I am here I must say that your Weird Tales For Winter mix was truly excellent. You can't go wrong with the Stone Tape and a bit of Crown Court.

  5. Thanks Keith, very good of you to say so and I'm pleased you enjoyed it.
    Bewildering how occult/ wyrd themes found their way into so much 70's television without ruffling too many feathers among the viewing public. I have at least 10 Crown Court stories that feature witchcraft, black masses, voodoo rites etc that were transmitted alongside episodes about unpaid parking fines or nuisance landlords.
    Maybe I need to re-watch Crossroads in case of a satanic subplot involving Benny and a stolen goat.

  6. The allegations about Benny and the goat were just a malicious rumour.