Friday, 11 February 2011

'H' TV

Gregory's recent personal hauntology posts reminded me of another bit of Sesame Street I recall finding most disturbing when it was shown in the UK in the 70s. In my memory of this, the sinister and unexplained 'H' and its stark sonic accompaniment went on absolutely interminably.

As well as the superficial weirdness, rather out of keeping with the usually light sitcom-style feel of Bert and Ernie, it has the feel of some kind of Emergency Broadcast System heralding the end of life as we know it. I was also aware of the way BBC TV went off air for 7 years in 1939 without further announcement at the end of a Mickey Mouse cartoon. Despite the fact that the main choice of viewing for many of my waking hours was Testcard F, I remember finding the idea of TV simply ceasing very bleak and threatening as a kid.

I also now like Bert's geeky and irrational synaesthetic preference for one letter of the alphabet over another at the end. And I must admit I can't help finding the choice of a nagging 'H' amusing in this context too...

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  1. That's amazing. Don't think I've ever seen that one before, strangely enough.