Thursday, 3 February 2011

Loitering in the Eighties

Another shopping centre vignette, this time from the early eighties. Not sure where this is or the exact year.

Points of interest:

The hubbub at the kiosk.
The huddle in the shopping centre.
The unchanging nature of pensioner's fashion.

Any clues as to the location / year would be gratefully received. Maybe Doncaster?


  1. Not Doncaster, BC. Too picturesque!

  2. Hmm, I'd say mid '80s, rather than early. Somewhere between '84 and '87. That's going entirely by the pointy shoes, Johnny coat and spiky hair in the 2nd pic.

  3. Fellow-me-lad in the first pic also appears to be carrying an old skool WH Smiths record bag. Top drawer!

  4. Thanks folks! Maybe the mystery (small as it is) will never be solved.

  5. Jeffman> Thanks for identifying the bag - it was driving me nuts!

    Loads of great details in these pics. Note the preponderance of white socks, and the chap in the suit, leaning against the wall in the background of the top pic. Doesn't everything about him - including his stance - say "ex-teddy boy"?

  6. Yeah I'd say 83 going by the youths' hair and drainpipes with white socks. No idea of location. Where did you find the pics?

  7. I bought them from an old chap who runs a stamp and postcard collecting stall in Castle Market in Sheffield. He has big shoeboxes full of stuff, and these two were tucked away in the back of one of them. Because I bought them in Sheffield, I thought they might be local but it's hard to tell really.

  8. I can confirm it's Peterborough.

    The first pic is St.John's Church from the market square. The tunnel in the middle of the picture is the old gent's lavs (now filled in).

    The other pic is the new Queensgate shopping centre, whose entrance is to the right of the top pic. I'd put it about 1989-92.

    Peterborough is actually quite an attractive town centre, though most people don't know this.