Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Night of the Goat
by Margaret Greaves
(Grasshopper books, 1976)

Hello everybody. For my first post here, I thought I’d go for something that hopefully can’t miss – covers and selected interior pages from what is certainly the most intriguing children’s book I’ve ever stumbled across in Oxfam.

(Hope I haven't taken up too much space on the front-page with all these - anyone who knows how to add one of those "more after the jump" links is more than welcome to do so.)


  1. Great stuff, Ben. Welcome to FO!

  2. A very nice introduction. Welcome aboard, Ben.

  3. Polished horn and slender hoof. I love it, more please!

  4. This is lovely: Arthur Machen for the li'l uns. I just ordered my own copy from a used book dealer based on this brief exposure: thank you, Ben.

  5. Thanks folks - much appreciated.

    No wiki page or other obvious online info to be found on Margaret Greaves, but she certainly wrote a lot of books:

    If any of them are half as odd as this one, I'm surprised she doesn't have more of a cult following - as the scans above suggest, it's like a benevolent '70s kids rewrite of "The Great God Pan"...