Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Personal Hauntology I

(After Gregory)
My Grandfather on my Mother's side is obsessed with film. He has ran many a failed cinema in his time and now his apartment is littered with movies on vinyl, vhs and betamax tapes, cinema seats and projector screens. He's never had any kind of clue what film's are appropriate to show children and which are not. As a consequence of this my Mother grew up with terrible nightmares and is still very sensitive to on-screen violence/weirdness. As I was growing up she did occasionally mention specific titles which had impacted on her heavily. One of these films was Rosemary's Baby.

When I finally saw this film, I found it all the more disturbing knowing that it had terrified my Mother as a child, the fact that it had probably freaked her out about pregnancy and me being her first born.

On top of this, being the first Polanski picture I saw, the movie was inextricably linked in my mind with the Manson murders via his late wife.


  1. I was born in 1968, the year this film came out. My mother's name is Rosemary. This movie has haunted me my whole life!

  2. I've been a renter for 10 years in Brooklyn and my neighbors below me complain about my noise levels even though I don't make much. The Tenant has been my personal haunt for 10 years.