Saturday, 5 March 2011

Important Electronic Music Announcement 1

The Cube in Bristol will be hosting a superb looking Radiophonic Weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of April. Guests include no less than David Cain and Dick Mills from the BBC Radiophonic workshop, as well as the genius that is Ian Helliwell and our very own Ekoplekz.

More information here. Book early to avoid disappointment, i.e. the disappointment of not getting tickets because you should have booked earlier.


  1. thanks for the heads-up. are you coming along for this? if so, come and say hello!

  2. I wish I could - it's my stupid son's stupid 10th birthday and he's having a stupid party and, apparently, I'm supposed to be there! :D

    Looks like an excellent event. Be great if a few pictures and a little report made its way onto F.O from one of the attendees...

  3. Well I am the sound engineer for the 2 day event so I will try and get some pics and video of the proceedings if I can :-) should be a great event

  4. Excellent. Very best of luck with it.