Friday, 25 March 2011

Radiophonic Bump

This has already been posted by another contributor, but hey - it's not every day of the year you get a whole weekend of Radiophonic goodness. I'll be there because (a) I live in Bristol and (b) I'm performing at the event, but also because (c) Dick Mills will be there, yes that Dick Mills, the one who did all those farty laser gun noises on those old Dr. Who episodes you used to watch and (d) so will David Cain (yes, that David Cain, the one who made this record). Delia will be with us in spirit, natch. This is the hauntological audio event of the year (oh shit, did I just say the 'H' word? - sorry) and attendance is mandatory. And that includes you, King Modulator. And you, Dolly Dolly. And no, there's no room left on my sofa for you to sleep over. See you in the bar. Mine's a pint.

For more details, go here.


  1. Why do you all live in bloody Bristol/the South/"that London"?! How come there aren't any Hauntological jamborees in the North West?


    The Wirral

  2. You think thats bad! I live about 40 mins from Brighton and still can't go to the Belbury Youth Club at the Komedia on the 14th of April.
    Due to the fact that I have a family commitment. Believe me I am gutted.
    I have written a letter of apology to The Rev Jim. I now have to wear the sack of shame.

  3. Hoping to come along to this, at least on the Saturday. Sounds great.

  4. I would if I could but I really really can't!

    my "day trip" from Glasgow to the Mordant Mass was probably my holiday for this half of the decade...definitely need to get a better job!