Thursday, 17 March 2011

Six A.M.

Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - 'Six A.M.' from their 1979 collaboration The Bridge.

"This album was recorded on 8 track equipment, provided for us by Industrial Records. It was produced in two weeks dating 18th June to 2nd July. All blips clicks & unseemly noises were generated by refrigerators & other domestic appliances & are intrinsic to the music".

I have never read a more amusing or inspiring disclaimer than that.


  1. 1979 ?! sounds like it's from 1990's and it could have featured on the isolationism compilation...or from last week...basically it's music from no-where and every-where...Ambient music, did i just say that?

  2. 'The Bridge' is an excellent album, personal fav' tracks include 'Day Breaks, Night Heals' and Attack, Decay'. It's sound definitely fit with the whole 'Industrial Records' ethos of slightly out there electronics. Though the aforementioned tracks would have fit in with the whole early 80's Futurist thang. Right up there alongside Cabaret Voltaire and the Human League's 'Dignity of Labour parts 1-4' EP.
    Thomas Leer' First 7" 'Private Plane' is well worth a listen.

  3. I love this album. I bought Private Plane by Thomas Leer then got The Bridge. Monochrome Day's is a classic. Sadly Robert Rental Died in 2000.
    Thomas Leer still producing very interesting music

  4. this album is a pivotal influence for me