Friday, 18 March 2011

More Thomas Leer

Following on from Phantom Circuit's Thomas Leer & Robert Rental post. I have decided that a bit more Thomas Leer would not go amiss.
Along with The Human League's Being Boiled, Throbbing Gristle's United and The Normal's Warm Leatherette. Thomas Leer's Private Plane/International was part of my introduction into DIY Electronic Music. Up to then I had listened to Tangerine Dream, Roxy Music
Kraftwerk. But these DIY Electro Musicians were making records at home and in bedrooms (in Leers case I believe Private Plane was recorded in his bedroom, hence the hushed vocals so he would not wake his sleeping Girlfriend up) All of a sudden Synth music could be produced cheaply. Inspired by these new DIY Electro Musicians I now wanted a Wasp Synth.  With its cut and paste cover Private Plane is a late 70s electro Post Punk classic. I should add that Private Plane still sounds amazing today.  Thomas Leer is still producing some very Exciting and interesting music.  


  1. Good choice. I have a Wasp. It's great.

  2. They were great Synths. Alas do not have one now. I knew someone that had a Gnat , which was made by the same company that produced the wasp.

  3. Thomas Leer wrote two songs called 'International': one as the B-side to 'Private Plane' (1978) and another, six years later, which was released as a single.

    Also... Hey, where are you all going?