Thursday, 24 March 2011

Unknown Worlds

Originally purchased from Dark they Were and Golden Eyed in 1979.
Within Unknown Worlds there were some amazing adverts 
which I hope to post at later date.


  1. I love Moorcock SO much. Never seen this before.


  2. Thanks Dolly
    Its a fairly good adaption of Behold the man. Have to admit the front cover is a bit??????????
    My own personal Moorcock favs are The Dancers at the End of Time and The Chronicles of Castle Brass. Of course not forgetting Mr Cornelius.
    Who seems to pop up almost everywhere. Or at least a variation of him.

  3. I love this artwork. Looked it up and it's a chap called Alex Nino. Thank you for introducing me to him. Gonna seek out more.

  4. I have some other copies of Unknown Worlds but alas Alex Nino's artwork is not in any of them. I will try to add a few more pages very soon,

  5. Nice one Keith, looking forward to seeing those adverts.

    I have the 1979 softcover graphic of The Jewel in The Skull published by Savoy Books and adapted by James Cawthorn. Superb interview with J.C. in the back.

  6. Did not know there was a Graphic adaption of the Jewel in the Skull. Just looked it up. It looks amazing..........and out of print.
    Unknown Worlds adverts very soon.