Friday, 29 April 2011

Four Day Weekend

Found yesterday for 50p in Bedford. Despite the cover art this is a fairly basic 'rise of the machines/cars' story giving a 1966 vision of 2015. The tagline relates to little more than the hero's rise from a husband who is mercilessly nagged as one of the last public-transport commuters in Los Angeles to day-saver (as in one who saves the day rather than some sort of bus ticket). The Four Day Weekend refers to the optimal time for the cars to attack ... Not exactly 'The Changes' though.

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  1. Hundreds of years ago back in the mid-1980s, my eldest aunt moved interstate and she gave me a large number of old paperbacks (she was a voracious reader).

    One of the paperbacks was an edition of 'The Four Day Weekend'. The back-cover blurb was the same, but the cover was dull and drab, and its tagline was along the lines of cars ruling our lives today (1966)...and perhaps taking over our future?

    I never read 'The Four Day Weekend' because based on the cover and its premise it didn't seem all that interesting.

    In 1992 when my parents moved interstate, all those paperbacks ended up at the local Salvation Army. I wonder how many of them are there still...