Saturday, 2 April 2011

“Half-remembered songs from long ago can sometimes tinkle and tingle at the edge of our senses like a dimly nagging tangle of nerves. The faint ache which results is usually dismissed as one of the more cheap and useless forms of ‘nostalgia’ – a sort of ghost-pain left over from an amputated (and younger) limb. But the singing detective knows that they can do more than this…”
Dennis Potter


  1. That's a lovely coincidence.
    I went for a long drive along endless country lanes early yesterday evening, and listened to this wonderful music (+ the fantastic audio mix recently posted at Island of Terror).
    I'm not ashamed to say that hearing the opening theme from The Singing Detective always makes my eyes water a little; not just because it's so good, but because we'll never witness such incredible television again.

    "The Old Umbrella Man"

  2. The Umbrella Man is a legend of the JFK assassination.

    The Singing Detective knew this, and how to work in all sorts of hauntological spirits into a popular drama that had a massive impact.

    I'm delighted to see Dennis Potter's masterwork on this site at last, because he was a true original.

  3. Oh Dennis, you are deeply missed. I wonder what he'd make of the current state of British telly?