Tuesday, 19 April 2011

On The Endangered List? TV Snow

When you turn the telly on and there's no signal, do you see this:

or a variant of this?

There isn't a single telly in our house that 'does' snow. No more whirling dots, no more white noise, just the blue screen and silence. I'm pretty sure that's been the case for the last ten years or so.

How about you lot? Is this universal? Have we seen the last of TV snow?


  1. I get snow, some of it is an echo of the big bang. Which makes me feel warm inside.

  2. Horror movies will never be the same.

    I also remember when TV channels used to go offline for a few hours then come back again. Now everything is 24/7.

  3. My TV oddly does snow if I switch inputs to the "Cable" one. It's an actual coaxial cable input. And yes, this is an HDTV and everything else is connected by HDMI or VGA (yeah, my 42" TV doubles as a computer monitor).

  4. Our new TV doesn't even do the blue screen anymore. If it's on a programmed channel connected to one of our auxiliary devices that just isn't turned on, it's a windows-style screensaver and a message box that says "No Signal". If I purposely set it to a dead channel, it's just black as the void, but with that electric non-signal whine of an active speaker.

  5. Our beaten up old Portable TV Video combo in the bedroom def does have thee old white noise. Its nice.

  6. No snow here, despite unplugging my roof aerial from the back of the TV many years ago to avoid any chance of encountering modern programmes by mistake.
    Waking up in the armchair at 4am when the fire has gone out is a real disappointment now that the tv turns itself off; the dreams aren't as good without the fuzzy background.

  7. in my younger experimental days I'd spend hours staring at the snow