Saturday, 16 April 2011

Roll On Blank Tapes

As you all celebrate Tape Store Day 2011, spare a thought for those towns whose local physical tape shops have already long closed. This one near where I live in the backstreets of Petersfield is the last vestige of Cambridge's dedicated independent tape stores.

Ghost sign and swapped allegiances (the minidisc sticker reads 'TDK Now and forever!'). I used to buy my Maxell XLIIs from here long before I lived in Cambridge.


The traditional electronics emporium H Gee in Mill Road (which is probably worth a post in its own right) incorporated this business when it closed and as far as I know still sells cassettes.


  1. When I lived in Charlton, South-East London, there was an old electrical shop on the high street which had a lovely old BASF sign which I always eyed up. I wonder if it's still there.


  3. There was a tape shop in Bristol, behind the Hippodrome, that sold blank C10 tapes with yellow labels. We used to try & record on them by turning a radio cassette player into a 2-track by covering over half the holes on the tape casing. Someone said it definitely worked. I don't remember whether it did or not?

  4. Sounds interesting Peter (I like the fact you can't remember if it worked!). I wish I really could buy C10s for 50/52p two minutes from my house.

    A BASF sign would definitely be nice to have -- that logo is really something I feel like I don't consciously remember disappearing. I remember a debate with a friend at school and them saying 'My dad recommends 'Bassuff''. We were TDK at home.