Friday, 1 April 2011

Seven Seven Seventy Seven

7 -7- 77, Jubilee Day, Manchester

Levenshulme’s finest Space rock band “AQUA “ started early with their first gig at The Burnage Congregational Hall at 11am ,We managed to get halfway through our set before being piped off by some local Scotsman who looked pretty threatening coming through the strobe light.

Second gig of the day Street Party on Audley Rd (see pic), The full set this time despite the fact it was “spitting”. Rock Around The Clock for the older generation, God Save The Queen to be topical and current and our standard set of GONG cover versions to go with the triangle buttys / jellies in wax paper bowls with the frilly edges. Then off to the posher suburb of Didsbury for another street party in a garage with the doors open at 5pm We were paid with Woodpecker cider and Ind Coope Long Life beer.

In the photo, frontman Alan “Crispy Ambulance” Hempsall looking dapper in his dressing gown and cowboy boots-  myself on electric violin through the PA system from MC Vities Biscuits Factory (it had a radio with a glass map of the world and a gymkhana type horn speaker) and Graham Clark on lead guitar who later joined Gong in the 80s as the violinist.

Fantastic stuff sent to us from Graham Massey. Mr. M has also uploaded a soundtrack suitable for any Jubilee here. Cheers, Graham!

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  1. Looks like a fab set-up. The picture sort of reminds one of similar ones taken of those early Quarrymen gigs at Woolton fete or whatever...