Friday, 27 May 2011

Betamax. Its as easy as 123

In the early 1980s my Dad finally decided to get a Video player, should he get a VHS machine or Betamax. We ended up like most people with VHS. Alas some friends of ours got Betamax. Perhaps they saw this promo. Its as easy as 123.


  1. We had not one but two Betamax video recorders, even when the writing was on the wall as far as VHS taking over, my dad still insisted on replacing the dead beta recorder with a new betamax one. Gotta be said though, they were much better quality. I heard that into the 90's that some studio's were still recording music onto beta as it was such good quality. The format apparently died cos' Sony wouldn't allow 'adult' movies to be made commercially on them.
    Now, do you remember Phillips Video 2000? There's a long forgotten foramt!

  2. I remember the John Cleese BetaMax TV advert - 'So easy to use your cat could use one.' Even Earlier than V2000, what about the N1500 system?

  3. Stensil thats true about studio's in the 80s/90s. I recorded in a number of studios back then, and all of them used Betamax to record music onto.

  4. We had also Betamax at home and it was better than VHS. I think this was probably part of the start of being into 'underdog platforms' for me.