Monday, 13 June 2011


Possibly two of my favourite photographs ever. Aylesbury Friars Square, the past, photos courtesy of Sean Hancock. Thanks Sean! The rest of this in-depth look at Aylesbury will be posted at between channels.


  1. Grow up in Aylesbury and they where fun times! Not as much fun as these snaps though.

    It had the classic Modernist architecture that had the saturday markets and shop like Woolworths. Clockwork Orange underpasses and smelly stairwells thanks to the Teds, punks and piss heads.

    The stones went to court there, Bowie played there.

    The market square had several pubs around the outside so at chucking out time riots broke out until the introduction of ecstacy in the late 80s. Acid house, sunrise & the orbital raves where in the area

    There was a great music scene, great bands played here, I learn't alot then pissed off to London.

    It's now full of cheap gak, chavs and inbreds.

  2. Sean Hancock nicked these images from Flickr and they belong to Ron Adams - the photographer. Please ask permission before uploading them.