Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Roof of Sky - or How To Build a Geodesic Dome

If you've ever wanted to build your very own geodesic dome, this short film should prove instructional:

ASM is an organisation I occasionally do work for as part of my day job and I've actually visited this building twice in the last few years: it's quite an extraordinary piece of architecture. In fact the reason this film has been posted on YouTube is that the building and dome have just completed an 18 month renovation programme. I can imagine it's looking particularly magnificent at the moment. If you happen to be passing Cleveland, Ohio, the grounds and "Metal Garden"(!) below the dome are open to the public. You can find more information about the place on the ASM website.

Robert Baldock


  1. Brilliant! Will you take me there one day, Uncle Bongo?

  2. Wow, I'd love to see it. Geodesic domes were able to emphatically say: progress! in so many ways (see also: drop city).