Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wax Museum Closed

Many many years ago, I spent a number of summer holidays visiting The Isle of Wight. These visits to The Island would also always mean a visit to The Brading Wax MuseumLast year we decided to take my Daughter and a friend of hers to the museum. When we got to Brading we were very sad to see that the museum had closed. So I was very happy to find this Brading Wax Museum brochure at a Car Boot sale today. The brochure is dated 1985. 


  1. That's really sad news... I've visited the Wax Museum a number of times during childhood holidays of the 70s-80s. I've got the exact same brochure ready to scan in along with one from Blackgang Chine

  2. I did visit the Museum about 5 years ago and the owners had done a really good job of updating the place. They had a vintage cars there, and some very good displays. My favorite was the old Chamber of Horrors.
    I have to admit, some of the older displays were looking a bit worn out and tatty. But still had charm.

  3. I've got some pictures of some of the items they put up for auction after the museum closed. I'll put them up when I can find them - they are fantastically odd. And I discovered by chance that the stuffed cat in victorian dress carrying a parasol has turned up at the Zetter Townhouse hotel in Clerkenwell, London. A search for Brading wax on flickr turns quite a lot of the Chamber of Horrors, if you fancy a trip down gory memory lane.