Sunday, 10 July 2011

Witchcraft in Lancashire

by Kathleen Eyre

illustrated by
Geraldine Rachel Hardy

Dalesman books



  1. Great to see this book here !

    I live just down the lane from Witches Galore, and regularly call in for a can of pop while I'm out walking around the surrounding countryside, as it's my nearest (and only) shop.
    If anyone plans to visit the area and would like a guided tour of Pendle Hill and the locations associated with The Pendle Witches, let me know.
    I accept payment in beer and/or firewood.

  2. I'm delighted to hear that the shop is still there, and that they do a good line in pop.

    I'd venture to suggest that when you find yourself buying yr groceries from a shop called 'Witches Galore', you have probably picked the right place in which to live.

  3. I want to live there. I will have to visit one day instead.

  4. The shop is still thriving, and as well as the celebrated selection of pop, it's crammed to the rafters with books on Witchcraft, and a multitude of eerie objects.
    I scanned these postcards of the shop, captured in suitably vintage times.

    I work in the village as well as living there, and rarely leave the environs. All of the Pendleside villages are still rich in arcane atmosphere, and wandering the lanes and paths with The Advisory Circle / English Heretic playing on my headphones is a favourite pastime.
    Do drop in for a spell some time, Keith, you would be most welcome.

  5. Love the Postcards. Going to order a fridge magnet from the Witches Galore shop (I can't help it). If I am ever up that way, I will look in.

  6. This looks like an amazing book! Great post.

  7. I've been wanting to visit Pendle and the surrounding areas to see the panopticon and other outdoors sculptures and now I definitely have to go. Soon!