Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Dennis Wheatly and a Mysterious Britain

A couple of recent finds.  Mysterious Britain from a lovely bookshop 
in Winchester.
The Dennis Wheatly book was being thrown out and was sitting on top of a bin with some other books.


  1. Great stuff.

    I used to enjoy looking at a big hardback copy of "The Devil And All His Works" in a bookshop I used to frequent as a kid, thinking how great it looked on the shelf, and how funny it would be to make sure you were casually flicking through it when the vicar came round for tea... not sure why I didn't buy it; presumably even I wasn't a strange enough child to sink a month's pocket money on a big book about the devil.

    More recently, I remember spending forever looking for a good scan of that edition of "Mysterious Britain" for a blog post I was doing and couldn't find one anywhere, so, er - good work.

  2. Excellent finds! Mysterious Britain is a fascinating book, in common with many published by Paladin on esoteric subjects. Sadly it also has in common the tendency for Paladin paperbacks to gently shed their pages as you read them, as if the shiny leaves were glued to the spine with a Pritt stick. I daren't open mine anymore, making it all the more mysterious.

  3. This copy still intact. But not holding my breath.