Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Exposing the Filmic Fronds

There has been much talk lately in hauntological circles concerning the hidden emanatory power of the classic 1970 British horror film Blood On Satan's Claw (aka Satan's Skin). Linda Hayden, who plays coven mistress Angel Blake, is obviously the 'Key to Claw', as she directs the unfolding events under the Devil's Command, and in this context it is interesting to note that she starred in a later, lesser known British horror effort entitled Exposé (aka Trauma aka The House On Straw Hill) made in 1975. In this film too, she acts as a sort of psychic catalyst who attracts a lot of exoteric/esoteric weirdness into her immediate environment.

Previously relegated to the original 1984 DPP "Video Nasties" list, Exposé is much more than a mere Straw Dogs clone, and certainly deserves the "cult classic" label. It features some great players, has British porno connections, and was shot in Norfolk - the most haunted county in England. The (apparently uncut) version can be seen

(Linda made her feature film début in the notorious but flawed 1968 sexploitation flick Baby Love, in which she plays the hellcat Luci [the fallen half of Lucifer?]. This moving picture also features that other blonde-haired woman of mystery, Diana Dors, known in some circles as the "Doorways to Goddess Diana".)


  1. Nothing hidden about the emanatory power of "..Satan's Claw" - last time I looked, it could set fire to dowsing rods from 100 yards.

    Thanks for the "Exposé" link - looking forward to giving it a go.

  2. A shame that she denounces her role in this classic; claiming that the nude scenes were added in later without her knowledge. Anyone who's seen the film will find that very hard to accept.
    I've always thought it was her best film.

  3. Ben, yes, I suppose it's not that hidden, but films like this make me wonder if there was something even more arcane behind them? Like a genuine Satanic cult making these films as propaganda (who also made loads of money from them too, getting people to pay for their programming in a genius ploy)? These films have affected so many impressionable minds, getting them into the subject.

    Fearlono, I didn't know she'd denounced it, curious... She looks game for anything throughout. Plus she had no qualms in appearing in the remake of 'Exposé', 'Stalker' (2010) as Mrs Brown. I'd agree the original is her best film.

    By the way, about the most uncut version of 'Baby Love' available can be watched here:

    1. Rubbish they were just copying hammer

  4. She talks about the film on the 'Linda Hayden – An Angel For Satan featurette' - included on the R2 Anchor Bay disc of Blood On Satan's Claw.
    A real shame to see her putting the film down, and attempting to convince us that she was completely shocked by the erotic nature of the finished film.
    I prefer Susan George's 100% positive stance on Straw Dogs.