Saturday, 20 August 2011

Here's a Health to the Barley Mow

Here's a Health to the Barley Mow: A Century of Folk Customs and Ancient Rural Games DVD

Surprisingly, no-one at FO seems to have mentioned this so I shall shout for it. A two-disk extravaganza chock full of "poetic documentaries, long un-seen television reports and rare silent film footage" on British folk dances, games and rituals from yesteryear to recent thymes, featuring just about everything from Dwile Flonking to Kitchel Throwing. A bit pricey but glorious time-travelling stuff. More details here.


  1. This looks good. Saw an advert for it in Wire recently. £14.93 on Amazon at the mo.

  2. I will now sit staring at my door-mat until this arrives in the post.

    For a collector of B.F.I. material, I'm not sure how on Earth I missed this gem.
    Thanks for the intelligence work, OKOK

  3. £13:85 Postpaid from both and

    I'd go with Zavvi as while I've had no problems as such with The Hut they did last year send me an obviously remainered CD which wasn't listed as such. Well it was a few pennies short of £2.90 which maybe should have been a clue, but still they should have listed it as such.

  4. Maybe it's the tiny screen I'm viewing the page on but the above reads Z-a-v-v-i, not Z-a-w-i

  5. Mrs Havershambler grabbed me a copy in secret. It's nice to be understood. Personal highlight is 'Oss Wee Oss' - if only for the illicit thrill of seeing Padstow before Rick Stein got to it.