Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Page 62

Not found, exactly, but worth mentioning if only because it mentions THIS VERY BLOG.

So come on, who's read it, and whaddidya think?


  1. I've not read it and I have no intention of ever doing so.

    I'm fed up with aging thinkers passing off their midlife crises as theories or movements: insisting that things used to be better just because they no longer enjoy things as much as they used to. Ho yes, the problem cannot possibly be that I'm getting older. Absolutely everyone else MUST be wrong, as the alternative just doesn't bear thinking about.

    In the amount of attention it's gleamed, this one's perhaps even worse than Bill Drummond's "No Music Day".

  2. Heh, I enjoyed it but I am well into my 'mid-life crisis' years so I suppose I would. I dunno if this will make you warm to the book at all, but Reynolds isn't really saying "everything was better then and it's all shit now". He makes it clear that he digs a lot of the music being made now (enthusing about hauntology and Ghost Box in particular). It's not a diatribe of any sort. He *does* think things have changed over the last ten years, and is really just curious as to why. That's what I gathered from it, anyway.

    There are a few things that bugged me, mind you, but I'd like to see what other peeps thought before I waffle on about them.

  3. I'm quite keen to read it. I doubt I'll be in full agreement with his arguments but it does seem to be more substantial than one of those "now I'm 40 I declare rock to be dead" rants.

    DJ Food had some things to say about Retromania recently that you may find interesting:

  4. Simon's always been a supporter of this blog and has linked to Mounds & Circles. Good for him.

  5. I have read a couple of Simon's books, Energy Flash and Rip it up and Start Again which I did enjoy. So I had this on my shopping list for next month. Very much looking forward to it.

  6. I enjoyed it and read it in a couple of days, admittedly I skip read a few chapter, but I did that with 'Electric Eden' too. On the whole, as Bollops said, it isn't really setting out to say how wonderful things were 'back then' and how crap and un-inventive stuff is today, it's an investigation on the influences that mass culture can draw upon and choose to make 'scenes' out of. Some bit's I agree with, others I'd poo poo, but all in all, like 'Rip It Up...' before, it's a good read. But then again, Reynolds and myself are of a similar age, (i.e middle aged) so I guess I tend to side with his opinions. Hell, get it out of the library if you don't fancy paying for it (I did).

  7. Have just finally read Retromania. I agree with Bollops. Reynolds is def not saying it was all great back then and its a big old pile of poo now.
    I like the fact that Reynolds freely admits to downloading music he already has because he can't be bothered to rummage for the Cds or Vinyl on the shelf. As Stensil Head said "its a good read" and thats good enough for me.