Sunday, 4 September 2011

Solid Space.

Ever wondered what The Chills might have sounded like if they'd grown up locked in a windowless bedroom in a London suburb with only fuzzy videos of Gerry Anderson shows and old Dr. Who episodes to keep them company?

Me neither, but I'm delighted to have an answer all the same.

Their website is reassuringly uninformative. In fact I don't even know whether this is a new record recorded in period style, or a 'rediscovered' old one. Either way, it's great.

I've seen it popping up on a few blogs recently, so seek and ye shall find.


  1. As far I know, this is the real deal - it was released as a cassette way back in the eighties, and pretty much disappeared, until it was re-discovered in recent years by minimal wave revivalists. Apparently when it was released it was reviewed in 2000 AD (then the Galaxy's Greatest Comic), which adds to the charm. A great record.

  2. I get the strongest feeling I've heard Spectrum Is Green somewhere before.

    Discogs says 1982 and Discogs is never wrong, is it?

  3. Check this link for info:

  4. Great stuff though my pedantic inner nerd should point out that The Chills were probably into Who as witnessed by this clip As for Gerry Anderson one only has to look at Martin Phillips leather jacket on the cover Heavenly Pop Hits to see where he stands on that issue!