Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mind Alive

Mind Alive is a new kind of encyclopedia that is published in 120 weekly Parts and builds week by week into a complete eight-volume work of reference.
Text in italics taken from  the inside sleeve of the 1968 Marshall Cavendish Publication Mind Alive. A friend of mine recently came across a large number of these and very kindly passed a few of them on to me. 3'6 which if I remember right is seventeen and a half pence. Bargain!


  1. When I was given these I was also given a few copies of the Look and Learn magazine. Anyone for the Trigan Empire?

  2. These look very interesting. There seems to be an article about "Electronics and Music" in the volume with the metal bikini girl on the cover. Is it interesting? Could you post it?

  3. I got a load of these, and still working my way through them. But I will investigate the Electronics and Music article.

  4. Thanks Keith, would be great to see that article.