Saturday, 19 November 2011

Beast of Jersey Update

The New English Library edition of Joan Paisnel's book The Beast of Jersey has been previously mentioned in FO, and I commented that the case had nothing to do with Jersey's later-to-become-notorious Haut de la Garenne orphange. Yet it has been reported that the "Beast", Edward Paisnel, did visit the place, where he was known as "Uncle Ted" as he interacted with the unsuspecting residents there. This is further backed up by the hardback first edition of The Beast of Jersey published by Robert Hale in 1972, that (unlike the later NEL paperback) contains rare photos connected to the case. The two incredibly creepy ones reproduced below show the "Beast" dressed as Santa (Satan?) at the Haut de la Garenne festivities:


  1. gaaaaah !

    I'm lighting the fire before unpleasant Santa comes down my chimney..