Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ghost Tower

Found this photo shoved in a bible at my father-in-law's house a few weeks ago.  It shows my lovely wife in the back garden of her family's bungalow in Farnborough, back in 1963 or 4.

See that pylon there in the corner?  It's not there any more.  And my wife, who lived there till she was 18-ish, has no recollection of it *ever* being there.

Where did it go?  Was it ever really there?


  1. Then perhaps it's not a pylon... If you look at the top left of the structure, you can see that it's not very tall. The left "strut" stops where a circular, horizontal segment begins. Could it have been a frame around a trampoline? Or a frame on which mesh could be thrown in order to protect plants? Or the start of an aviary? Otherwise, it's part of a Venusian spaceship, probably.

  2. "Hide your wings in a ghost tower"
    Syd Barrett

  3. Hmm, I reckon you're on the right track there, Phantom. I suspect my wife's dad nicked a pylon from work (he was a builder) thinking he could plug his telly into it and get free 'leccy, and when it didn't work he flew into a rage and knocked the top off with his spade.

  4. It is! A lovely combo of pinks and greys.