Saturday, 12 November 2011

I found this picture a while ago. Its my bedroom floor from about late 1977. At the time I was going through my year zero punk phase. So all of this was going to be packed away. 
I remember taking the photo with our families trusted old Kodak Instamatic 25. On the bottom left are my sensible School Shoes and Sports bag, both of which lived in that spot for years. 
By mid 78 all these comics and books came back out of the cupboard and sat quite happy on the bedroom shelfs with the Sex Pistols, Clash and early Ultravox albums.  Out of shot on the right is the Aurora model of the Pan Am Orion Space Shuttle from 2001. What is obviously noticeable is that I went to the trouble of laying all this out on the floor and then not getting half of it in the picture. Note the electric blanket cable poking out from under the bed. 


  1. Lovely stuff. My equivalent to your Year Zero moment would be packing my Stewart Cowley sci-fi illustration books ("Great Space Battles" etc) and Paper Tigers away in the loft. Took me longer to come to terms with them - they only came back down again about 10 years ago.

    Adult Lego fans refer to their teenage snob/cool period as The Dark Ages. "That period in a LEGO fan’s life when he or she sets aside LEGO in favor of school, dating, motor vehicles, and other non-LEGO pursuits." (sez The Brothers Brick glossary)

  2. I soon realised that the year zero punk ethos was a tad limiting, so out it all came. Even my prized Bernard Cribbins MFP album The Best of Bernard Cribbins. Alas as I wrote on a previous post, the Model Frigate did not make it out the cupboard.

  3. My bedroom floor still looks like that, apart from the sensible School Shoes.

    Great picture, Keith. Did you paint the Dracula and Wolfman figures yourself? If so, I have the Frankenstein's Monster to go with them if you need to make up the set.

  4. I no longer have the Drac and Wolfman figures. They all vanished a long time ago along with Mr Spock and a three headed alien.
    I did paint them. From a distance on the top shelf they looked good. Up close they were a tad dodgy.

  5. Thank you for the Frankenstein Monster offer. But I will decline. There is not enough room on the shelf these days.

  6. Have you still got the HoH mags?
    I had a few when they came out and then years later went on an ebay hunt to get the full set such was my fascination.

    I found this piece by Dez Skinn which shows the mock-ups he used to pitch the magazine as well as the intended first issue cover.

    This, meanwhile, is a complete bound set which was on sale for £1,500. "The worlds only complete leather bound set in Near mint condition"

    Great picture, very evocative of the time.

  7. Hi John. I do still have the HOH magazines. Not a full set, I am missing a couple. On the far right but out of shot was Starforce and Starlog magazines. Which I still have. Liked the Dez Skinn piece.