Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Station That Was

What you are about to see are some stirring images of Grangetown Railway station in Teesside.
Once a bustling station, it is now reduced to nothing but decay and rusting bridges...

First we will see how it once was with its roof on in 1972..

And here it is in the early 80's with no roof carrying passengers to and from the ICI/British Steel works..

And here is how it was abandoned in the early 90's...


  1. I like rail themed photos. These are nice.

  2. Aye, fab pics! Especially the 2nd-from-bottom. Nice pile of, er, stuff, and a strip of repaired tarmac. Actually, would that be the old tarmac piled up there?

    I felt a bit daft typing that but I'm genuinely fascinated by that sort of stuff.