Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Kitchen Surrealism

Interlude Eight

Bollops has given me a great idea...

Interlude Seven: Epilogue

Well, that's the end of our scheduled programming for this Bank Holiday weekend. We'll be back on air at 6.30am with 'The Dairy Farmer's Digest' but, to see us out, here's some music.  

Alien Nation

Whilst the two day Alien Nation: A Conference on British Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy at Northumbria University in Newcastle costs a shocking £150, I am assuming the coinciding film season at local cinema Star & Shadow wont be as dear.

"A celebration of the freaky, spooky and obscure side of UK television drama. Programmed by James Leggott (Lecturer in Film and TV, Northumbria University) from the darker corners of the BBC archives, with special guest introductions, this is a rare chance to catch some of the most haunting telefantasy ever transmitted.

Expect angelic encounters, sacrificial offerings, gothic nightmares, dinner parties from hell, a very frightened Jane Asher, BBC Radiophonic weirdness… and Michael Parkinson being possessed by an evil spirit."

17/07/2011 - 24/07/2011

Monday, 30 May 2011

Intermission 6

Woah! See what the posting of two railway-related posts in quick succession have led to:

BBC News - Deltic locomotive back in service

Powerful forces at work, eh?

Sunday, 29 May 2011


One has to voyage on a prehistoric vessel in order to discover new zoological species in the twentieth century...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

On Location: Railways

"Stay on this side of the fence.  You can still see all that you want to see, and you will live longer."

Friday, 27 May 2011

Betamax. Its as easy as 123

In the early 1980s my Dad finally decided to get a Video player, should he get a VHS machine or Betamax. We ended up like most people with VHS. Alas some friends of ours got Betamax. Perhaps they saw this promo. Its as easy as 123.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011

Shndg 6 Tickets Now on Sale

If you live within 900 miles of Southsea/Portsmouth and are thinking of going to Shndg 6 then I am pleased to say at long last tickets for this event are now on sale. And can be got from here. The tickets are £5.00 and I have been told by Mr Stevens (the curator of all things Shndg) that this is now a ticket only event.
The full line up for this night of noise, electronics, DIY sonic reverberation and drones are DJ sets from Jim Jupp (Ghost Box)Si Heartfield and Ms Mono. Live sets from Keith Seatman to promote the release his new album. Mr Twister Valley himself Douglas E PowellThee Magic HornsRusty Sheriff, Jez North and many more.  For more info/details visit


My eye was caught by this ornament in a charity shop at the weekend.

Modern Morris

Impressive, this new spookier Morris dancing that people seem to be getting up to these days.

No one else seems to have touched on it before at FoundObjects, so I've put together a little playlist of favourites over on YouTube.

I'm getting quite excited that Morris might actually become "trendy". Especially when I hear things like The Pagan Drum Machines of Whittlesea.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Paper Straw Craft

More Mills and Boon fun, from 1972.  This has to be the Platonic ideal of this sort of thing.  The broad areas of intense orange and green, comb binding, geometric shapes, extraordinary jumpers, the typefaces, rectangles, a key, a king and an OWL!

Friday, 20 May 2011

A Book of Festivals

1970.  Note the publisher: Mills and Boon?!  This is an example of that phenomena where you spot something once and from then on seem to see it everywhere.  Since I found this book I've been digging up Mills & Boon books for children all over the place.  Well, two of them.

More Book of Festivals HERE

"Mind alive!"

The Voice of the Dolls

by New Zealand Author Dorothy Eden. Found here.