Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Black Death London

Another fascinating looking event / workshop at Noise = Noise.
Black death London attempts to reveal the contagious side of substrate; literally scratching a needle, a pickup across the dark earth carted from Whitby to London so many years ago, the vampiric base and carving of all technology. 
Deploying the twin methods of excitation and detection, borrowed from Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), the workshop attempts to scry the city's buboes, its electromagnetic plague eruptions, to play back these earth engraving; the stone tape, the message. 
Workshop participants will learn the basics of electromagnetics and EVP, actively constructing and customising a scratching/radio broadcast apparatus, before embarking on the aural, energetic exhumation of an historic plague site.

Update : Ah, this might explain better. 


  1. Heh, it does not! What is "plague simulation", please? It all seems to hang off that.

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