Thursday, 4 October 2012

Children of the Stones Radio 4

Just a quick heads up to anyone who missed the program on Radio 4 today, Happy Days: The Children of the StonesWriter and comedian Stewart Lee explores the ground breaking television series Children of the Stones and examines its special place in the memories of those children who watched it on its initial transmission in a state of excitement and terror.
Stewart Lee also chats to the Modern Antiquarian himself Julian Cope, to get his thoughts and opinion on The Children of the Stones and Avebury.


  1. Oh wow--fantastic program! Children of the Stones is my favorite of the wonderful series from the 70s. I remember watching it back in the early 80s in the US but had forgotten all about it until I suddenly discovered it again a few years ago. I wrote about this experience on my blog:

  2. I'd say "You had me at "Stewart Lee chats to Julian Cope", but said sentiment appeared at the end of your post and was worded differently.

  3. Speaking of Julian Cope, my friend is looking to sell his copy of KRAUTROCKSAMPLER if anyone's interested...