Tuesday, 9 October 2012

SF Monthly

Found in a comics shop in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.  Science Fiction Monthly was a slender, British mag in glorious, staple-free A3 format whose main reason for existing seems to haver been to provide SF fans with high quality colour posters of sci-fi illustrations (mostly book cover paintings without the text) which folded out to A2 size.  Circa mid-late '70s (there's a review of Death Race 2000 in one of these).

I'll post some of the contents up later.

In other news: I've started a blog for sharing photos and illustrations from those unpromising-looking, old, hardback, non-fiction books that usually sit in piles on the floor in 2nd-hand book shops and charity shops: technical manuals, how-it-works, our glorious infrastructure etc:


If you have anything in this line yourself, STAND BY YOUR SCANNER cos I'll probably be asking for contributions later to beef it up with (I've got a fair bit at home but I'm bound to run out eventually.  Assuming I don't forget the whole thing after my 2nd post, of course).


  1. Great artwork on these - good find! (Plus, the TRUTH about Australian SF... just to quash all those ugly rumours we've been hearing.)

    I love the concept of 'Boring Old Books' too, although I'd afraid I might not have much on my shelves at the moment that's boring enough to contribute (just finding space for all the interesting books is a bit of an effort), but I'll see what I can come up with.

  2. I have only one copy of Science Fiction Monthly. I remember buying it because it had some Chris Foss artwork on the cover. Time to dig it out.
    I will of course visit Boring Old Books.

  3. Ben> Ta! The idea with B.O.B. is to pick out interesting or tasty pics from books that look dull from the outside. Or pics that sort of *are* boring but in a pleasing way. I'm not explaining this very well but I reckon you (and all lthe other fine folks of FO) will know it when you see it.

    Keith> Thanks! GET DIGGING.

  4. I'll have a ferret round. The first SF Monthly features the cover art from, uh, 'Jizzle' by John Christopher. Ace!

  5. Ah, yes... I had a subscription to this. I valued 'Science Fiction Monthly' for the fiction, but yes, it was pretty... It gave way to 'SF Digest', which ignored readers' views on changing the format and which only lasted one issue.

  6. Great stuff! B.O.B. looks nice too, looking forward to more interesting boredom!