Thursday, 15 November 2012

Compilation Tapes

Note: COMPILATION, not MIX.  I believe the latter term wasn't used in the UK before the internet, except perhaps by DJs.

A selection from the Bollops family archive; these examples 1987 - 91 or thereabouts

Apologies if this is a bit too recent, or not haunty enough, but re-finding these the other day reminded me that my unhealthy charity shop habit and fascination with books of the sort that get posted here was started by the need to find covers for the compilation tapes that I used to do for my then girlfriend.  Titles as well - the contents pages of popular science books were always good for that.  "The Moon's Strange Internal Strength", "Seven White Gates" etc.

Did anyone else do this, or were you all happy with a bit of silver pen on the tape itself?

Thought for the day: did compilation tapes play a bigger part in the eclecticisation of taste than previously suspected?


  1. I always found Viz to be great for tape covers..

  2. I always gave my compilations titles, but I wish that I'd had your eye for cover design.

  3. Is it at all possible to upload MP3 rips of these very compilations? If not, could you at least transcribe, to the best of your abilities, the track listings?

    I never created collages for the covers, but I did like to play around with the free stickers that came with blank tapes in the late 90s. A star, a heart, a guitar and a car. And all the numbers.

  4. They were always compilation tapes round here. The thrill of putting together a cassette compilation for parties or someone was great. Fantastic selection of covers Bollops

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  6. Thanks for the comments, all!

    Ninety> I'm way too lazy to rip 'em to mp3, but I will post track listings.

    Looking at them last night I had to laugh; I must have had only a dozen records back then (thanks God for John Peel!)

  7. Wonderful selection.
    Still got a drawer full of my compilation tapes, all of which are sporting designs that fit the Bollops ethos.

  8. All of mine were ripped from such compilations as Corrosion, the Shine series and the Reloaded series. Oh! And the soundtrack to The Goofy Movie. I opted for the Powerline songs rather than the orchestration.

  9. Tracklistings would be nice.

    I'm in the process of figuring out how to get rid of all my old tapes. Haven't heard them in 15-20 years and not likely to revisit. Most of the music I now have on MP3 and I have a problem of too much stuff cluttering up my life. Thing is, I hate the idea of them ending up in landfill.

    Anyone got suggestions how to recycle old tapes?

  10. Phil, you could try your local freecycle website:

  11. They're great. Also see the later pics in this post:

  12. Hi Phil,

    If you attach no emotional significance to the tapes themselves - and if you have all the music on some other source - and if your only problem with disposing of them is that they may end up in a landfill - then know that it is possible to recycle cassettes.

    Some ideas here which you may not have considered: