Monday, 26 November 2012

"There'll be books"

How Do You Want To Live?
Published by HMSO, 1972.

I got pretty excited when I found this, as it's tickles a lot of my hauntological fancies - post-war progress, PLANNING, public attitudes to, fear of etc - and I haven't found anything of the like before or since.  Was there a lot of this sort of thing back then?

It includes a specially commissioned poem by Philip Larkin, which was published later in the anthology High Windows as 'Going, Going'.

You can see the poem as it appears in HDYWTL? above (4th scan down). Note that it does not include the following bit, which does appear in the High Windows version:

"On the Business Page, a score

Of spectacled grins approve
Some takeover bid that entails
Five per cent profit (and ten
Per cent more in the estuaries): move
Your works to the unspoilt dales
(Grey area grants)!"

Here's Larkin reading the full version:


  1. What a very very strange choice of cover for this publication. Top find Bollops

  2. I know! "How do I want to live? Wafting about in my nightie in a swamp full of dry ice, that's how."