Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Plates from Hamlyn's 'Echoes of Terror', an anthology of the usual suspects but enlivened by some rather fabulous illustrations, including a very motivated-looking Denholm Elliott / Dracula crossover. Lots more here.

"The Witches Are Here"

 'The Witches Are Here' (1984)

 'Trying On Masks' (1972)

'A Neighbour's Garden' (1966)

'Battersea Medusa' (1974)

'Frightened Children' (1981)

'The Day of Doom' (1962 - 72)

Paintings by Carel Weight.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Barrie's Album

This album used to belong to a man called Barrie. More here.

RadiO TEST #1

Some of you may like to know that a new Radio Station of "Experimental Otherness Audio", with no overt presenter and in the form of a compilation, has just been inaugurated. It appears to be a post-structuralist gambit; whether it is inherently hauntological is for the individual to decide, but I sense it will appeal to a certain branch of FO cognoscenti, as it has tons of theoretical coherence. One may listen to or download the first transmission here.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Adventures of the Soul

UK residents and maybe others have six days left to listen to the BBC Radio 3 ghost drama 'Adventures of the Soul', that features original EVP recordings by researcher Raymond Cass. Haven't heard this yet but looks like it may be good. Here.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Monday, 22 October 2012

Decorative Straw Work

By Lettice Sandford and Philla Davis ("Instructor in Crafts to Hereford County Council")
Published by B. T. Batsford Ltd

I can imagine 'Oro' up there appearing in a children's telly series of the era - some sort of alien / ancient God in the form of a wicker computer.

Also, does anyone else look at that harvest doll from Bali and think "Max Ernst!" ?

Thursday, 18 October 2012

What Happens When an Airport is Enlarged

Volume 3 in the "What Hapens When" series, by Gerard Bell, illustrated by Barry Gurbutt.  Published 1970.

Nice to see a young Prince Charles off on his hols with a close friend in that last pic.

More here:  What Happens When an Airport is Enlarged

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Restless Bones
& Other True Mysteries
by Peter Haining

(Armada, year unknown)

(I just posted this on my own blog, but it occurred to me that Found Objects partisans might enjoy it too, so, here you go..)

Cover illustration: Alun Hood
Interior illustrations: Ellis Nadler

Assorted tales of strange and unlikely goings-on, written in simple words and big type, guaranteed to put a rocket under the imagination of any young mind. Do kids these days still read books like this? I hope so.

I suppose parents & teachers might frown upon Haining’s insistence that the tall tales herein are all 100% factual, but his introduction, in which he thanks readers of his previous books for alerting him to new ‘mysteries’ worthy of investigation, is certainly pretty charming.

My favourite story is the none-more-hauntological yarn about an RAF pilot stationed at Mildenhall in Norfolk, who apparently discovers whistling East Anglian ghost ‘Old Roger’ doing his bit to help repel the Luftwaffe. Top stuff!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Even more Science Fiction Monthly

Inspired by Bollops recent Science Fiction Monthly finds. Here is the only copy of Science Fiction Monthly I ever had. Issue 2 had film reveiws of The Final Program, Westworld and SolarisIt also contains some breaking news relating to  Michael Moorcock releasing a single. Have to admit at the time I only got this copy because I liked the front cover, still do in fact.

Citizens and Visitors are Invited to Make Use of the Various Services Offered Free by the Department

No year of publication given, but from clues in the text I reckon about 1968:

"Some idea of the vastness of the municipal undertakings may be gathered from the fact that in the twelve months from 1st April 1968 the Corporation expects to spend on revenue and capital account some £173,000,000 and yet, for the wide range of services provided, the rate for the year of 13s. 4d. in the pound cannot be regarded as excessive."

(When did the word "Corporation" disappear from everyday use?  I remember Corporation buses in Portsmouth in the 1980s, and the word sounded old-fashioned then - it was an *old* person's word).